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Bronze Sculptor Vanessa Pooley lives and works in Norwich. She makes beautiful bronze nudes:
“One of the country’s leading artists, Vanessa Pooley’s beautiful bronze nudes are a celebrations of the shapely, child-bearing female body with all its sensuous and comfortable curves.” (East Magazine)

Butterfly/23″ long//L: 57, H: 27, W: 22 cm

Round Face L: 37, H: 33, W: 15 cm

Vanessa’s website gives lots of interesting details about her work and herself.

How to make a sculpture

People often ask how to make a sculpture.

I make all my sculptures first in clay because it’s easy to use and the process allows for constant alteration – great for me, since I rarely know what the sculpture will be like before I start.

I can rapidly add and subtract clay from a piece when necessary. When the sculpture is finished I dry it out and fire it, but that’s just how I make a sculpture. It isn’t essential, as a mould for casting can be taken from wet clay just as well. Once cast, all of the details of the surface of the ceramic sculpture are reproduced in the bronze.”


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It takes place each year at the last weekend in July. This time it’s lovely and hot outside, so the crowds are floating in, dragging along kids, mutts, grannies, and rolling back loaded with shopping bags, plants, strange objects they’ve won in a raffle. It’s a great opportunity to relax and to watch, to enjoy an icecream or a cold drink in shady tents. Lots of entertainment for the kids, for dog-lovers, wildlife aficionados, tractor fans.

He seemed to have taken his pet for a walk, but later on…

…these ladies had taken over, merciless upside down!

Many enjoyed their peaceful rest on the shady churchyard,

and one could catch some special views here and there.

A young bride was desperately looking for a groom.

In the church, an imposing ladder seems to lead directly into the sky.

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“Agapanthus”, by Angie Lewin

Angie Lewin does wonderful and inspiring printed work in linocut, wood engraving and collage. She lives in North Norfolk, and her work is shown in many galleries nationwide.

Winter Spey II

Winter Spey III

Angie says about herself:

“I studied Ba(Hons) Fine Art Printmaking at Central St. Martins College of Art and Design between 1983 and 1986, followed by a year’s part-time postgraduate printmaking at Camberwell School of Arts and Crafts.

I have worked in a range of printmaking techniques including lithography, silkscreen and etching. More recently I have concentrated on lino and woodcut and wood engraving.

In 2006 I was elected to The Royal Society of Painter Printmakers and in 2008 to The Society of Wood Engravers.”

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North Garden

Garden Arches

East Ruston hosts one of the most amazing gardens in the whole country: East Ruston Old Vicarage Gardens. Created by Alan Gray and Graham Robeson, now 15 years old and expanding at a rate of knots, it is a feast of formal design, and decorative exuberance.


It is located quite close to the sea and well protected from the full blast of the wind by dense wind breaks, making it possible to grow remarkably tender plants. Clustering about the Arts and Crafts Vicarage, walled and hedged compartments vary strongly in mood from cool formality to explosions of colour and form. Sculptures, lavishly planted pots and finely detailed walls and gates also play their decorative part.


Wildlife pond with scuplture


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