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Christmas in Norfolk

We had a nice Christmas, with lots of family staying, good food and drink, decent weather and long muddy walks…



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Moyra lives in Southwold, Suffolk . Her motives concentrate very much on East Anglia’s landscapes and seascapes. (view website)

Green Cat Scratching (Linocut)

Artist Statement
Moyra Byford“I trained at Lowestoft School of Art and St Martins College of Art, London, and lectured in Fine Art and Design in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, London and Cheshire before retraining in Art Conservation and Restoration. I pursued this career for over 20 years, also running private courses in restoration for students from many countries. I am a Guild Commended Framer, and have tutored many commercial and private courses in framing. I have had four books and fifteen videos on restoration and framing published

I continued to paint throughout my working career, but over the last 15 years have developed an interest in printmaking. Now I divide my time equally between painting and printmaking. I work in lino and wood for relief prints and etching, and collagraph for intaglio. I have recently started lithography. I am a member of a local art group, Southwold Art Circle and Gainsborough’s House Print Workshop, and I work on lithography at Curwen Studios.

My subjects are East Coast landscapes and seascapes, natural forms and animals, but after visiting Spain several times recently I find that a few Spanish subjects are creeping in.”

Moonlight (etching)

dusk (etching)

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Arabella lives in Suffolk. She not only paints and prints, but also does unique hand-painted books.



Artist Statement
I am lucky to have enjoyed both formal academic and artistic training. After graduating in theology from Oxford University, I studied at Edinburgh College of Art and then spent a long and productive period at Edinburgh Printmakers’ Workshop, where I learned the craft of etching, working alongside established artists. In 1998 I moved to France and stayed there for nearly a decade before returning to Britain to live in Suffolk.

Pigment and oil, metal, acid and paper – these are my raw ingredients and my delight. In the solitude of the studio I am a chef, a baker, or surgeon, cooking up a work, operating, bringing it to life – food, I hope, for my soul and others; I draw inspiration from the cycles and rhythms of nature as well as my theological studies, music and literature.

I keep a lot of notebooks, jotting down random ideas which are later transformed into series of work. I work in concentrated spurts, mainly with etching and aquatint, although I like to experiment with drypoint and woodcut. I’ve also made a number of artists’ books incorporating text and recently have been drawn back to drawing and painting.


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Downs landscape II

What I like about Colin’s art is his handling of shapes, toether with light and shade. His etchings remind me very much of Japanese prints. Colin Bygrave lives in Briston, Norfolk, and specialises in etchings and paintings of landscape.  His subjects are taken mainly from this country and the Mediterranean and include many of his local Norfolk countryside.

Artist Statement
I was trained as a painter at Reading University under J.A.Betts, a pupil of Sickert, and have always had an interest in the representation of the visual world and our perception of it. Since retiring from teaching art, I have been painting and etching in my purpose-built studio at Briston. I enjoy landscape painting and printmaking, and since 1995 I have concentrated on etching, producing over 50 plates. My feeling for landscape is related to English Romantic painters or the 20th Century, also to a sense of underlying abstract form. I have no wish to be obscure in my work and have a straightforward approach to it; I am convinced of the importance of drawing, and I draw to reveal to myself the strangeness and unexpectedness of the world that I see. (visit Colin’s website)

Downs landscape VIII

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