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The Sainsbury Art Centre in Norwich displays the most fantastic collection of all kind of art. Modern and folk art from different cultures are displayed facing each other, as if reflecting each other.

“Robert and Lisa Sainsbury have for over 70 years acquired sculpture, painting, drawing, prints and photographs made by living artists. Large bodies of work by individual artists such as Henry Moore, Alberto Giacommetti, Francis Bacon and John Davies testify to the Sainsburys’ enduring fascination with the human figure.”


Standing Woman, 1959, Alberto Giacometti,
Bronze, edition of 2, h. 132.1 cm


Figure Early Cycladic (3200-2000 BC),
Greece: the Cyclades, Marble, h. 21.6 cm
The Robert and Lisa Sainsbury Collection of European Antiquities covers three main areas – the Cyclades (a group of Greek islands north of Crete), central and western Mediterranean (from Greece to Italy to the Iberian peninsula) and western Europe. The objects date from the Neolithic (c. 4500 BC) to the 16th century.


Reliquary head, Late 19th/early 20th century,
Central and East Africa, Gabon: Fang, Wood, brass discs, h. 26.0 cm
“The African objects within the Sainsbury collection are drawn from areas within Western, Central and Eastern Africa such as Benin, Yoruba, Ghana and Zaire, and span the 15th to the 20th century.”


Study for Portrait of P.L., no. 2, 1957, Francis Bacon
Oil on canvas ,h. 151.8 cm
“This painting of Bacon’s lover Peter Lacey demonstrates the smearing method of modelling faces which Bacon developed during the 1950s. The Collection includes 13 works by Francis Bacon which date from 1952 to 1965. They include two portraits of Lisa Sainsbury and a portrait of Robert Sainsbury for which they sat in 1955 and 1957.”


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