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May is the time for this very special yearly festival with international artists, concerts, performances and exhibitions.


(Source: BBC) The Norfolk & Norwich Festival 2009 is set to put the county on the map as a home to one of the great celebrations of music, arts and culture.

The prestigious annual event is one of the oldest city festivals the UK.

“In scale and ambition, this ancient festival is now one of the top five in the UK,” said festival director Jonathan Holloway.

The festival, featuring an international line-up, takes place from Friday, 1 to Saturday, 16 May, 2009.


“Festivals have never been as popular as they are today,” said Jonathan.

“I may not know the value of my house in these times of turmoil in 2009, but I will always remember the first time I was moved to tears by great music or my first ‘gasp’ at a piece of theatrical magic.”

“Extraordinary experiences of art and creativity are priceless and last a lifetime,” he added.

Free events

Opening the festival this year will be two free musical-comedic performances by French-duo Ulik and Le SNOB outside The Forum, Norwich, on Friday, 1 May, 2009.


Dressed in cone-shaped gowns and hats spouting flames, the pair will showcase a contemporary art fiesta with music, humour and the promise of bizarre irregularities!

Les Commandos Percu will provide a loud and spectacular show on Saturday, 2 May, 2009, at Earlham Park encompassing pyrotechnics and fireworks along to the beat of their highly percussive performance.

World-wide reputation

The annual festival of the arts has a reputation for drawing upon an artists’ roster from around the world.

Philip Glass

This year’s line-up includes contemporary composer Philip Glass, jazz pioneer Courtney Pine and soul sensation Mica Paris.

Philip Glass will be performing his first UK solo show since 2007. He has composed a number of operas, symphonies and has collaborated with artists Twyla Tharp, Allen Ginsberg, Woody Allen and David Bowie.

His solo performance at the Norwich Theatre Royal on Friday, 15 May, 2009, is a festival exclusive.

Courtney Pine and his Jazz Warriors will perform with their funk and reggae-influenced Afro-Caribbean jazz music and Mica Paris has been performing for more than two decades as a singer, working with artists such as Prince, but she also shot to fame in her own right as an actress and a TV and radio presenter.

Voices raised in song

Festival regulars The Voice Project Choir, based in Norfolk, makes a welcome return to this year’s festival, showcasing Norfolk voices in song with a concert at Norwich Cathedral.

The Voice Project Choir performing in Norwich (Photo: Alexandra Bone)

“The cathedral is beautiful and I think the moment the choir arrive in it, the whole gear changes and the performers love the space,” said Sian Croose, conductor of the choir.

“To actually stand at the altar end and sing down the nave is quite an extraordinary experience,” she added.

The community choir will be singing I Prefer The Gorgeous Freedom, a major new work for choir and jazz quartet, written and performed by BBC award-winning jazz composer Gwilym Simcock.

The festival’s classical programme also includes performances by the Philharmonia Orchestra, the Royal Academy Of Music, the Tallis Scholars and Nicola Benedetti, part of the Benedetti Trio, who made a name for herself as the 2004 BBC Young Musician Of The Year.

Family fun

The N&N Festival is keen to offer something for all the family. In 2009 the festival presents it’s most extensive children’s programme to date.


The Norwich Puppet Theatre invites you to relive the drama of 18th Century murder courtesy of Sweeney Todd.



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Mary who lives with her family in Norwich is a wonderful dynamic and creative woman. Her unusual career shows her many talents and how versatile she is.


Originally she trained as a pianist in her native Canada, and these days she continously performs in concerts, mainly in Norfolk. .

When she moved to Norwich in the 90s, her career took a complete new direction, as she qualified and worked as a hypnotherapist.


Her latest training made her a qualified art therapist. During her studies  a prolific flow of artwork, mainly abstract expressive paintings, began to develop. Her paintings are vibrant and very powerful, open to the viewer’s interpretation.






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The Sainsbury Art Centre in Norwich displays the most fantastic collection of all kind of art. Modern and folk art from different cultures are displayed facing each other, as if reflecting each other.

“Robert and Lisa Sainsbury have for over 70 years acquired sculpture, painting, drawing, prints and photographs made by living artists. Large bodies of work by individual artists such as Henry Moore, Alberto Giacommetti, Francis Bacon and John Davies testify to the Sainsburys’ enduring fascination with the human figure.”


Standing Woman, 1959, Alberto Giacometti,
Bronze, edition of 2, h. 132.1 cm


Figure Early Cycladic (3200-2000 BC),
Greece: the Cyclades, Marble, h. 21.6 cm
The Robert and Lisa Sainsbury Collection of European Antiquities covers three main areas – the Cyclades (a group of Greek islands north of Crete), central and western Mediterranean (from Greece to Italy to the Iberian peninsula) and western Europe. The objects date from the Neolithic (c. 4500 BC) to the 16th century.


Reliquary head, Late 19th/early 20th century,
Central and East Africa, Gabon: Fang, Wood, brass discs, h. 26.0 cm
“The African objects within the Sainsbury collection are drawn from areas within Western, Central and Eastern Africa such as Benin, Yoruba, Ghana and Zaire, and span the 15th to the 20th century.”


Study for Portrait of P.L., no. 2, 1957, Francis Bacon
Oil on canvas ,h. 151.8 cm
“This painting of Bacon’s lover Peter Lacey demonstrates the smearing method of modelling faces which Bacon developed during the 1950s. The Collection includes 13 works by Francis Bacon which date from 1952 to 1965. They include two portraits of Lisa Sainsbury and a portrait of Robert Sainsbury for which they sat in 1955 and 1957.”

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Rita’s prints are colourful and imaginative stories told by pictures.

“Singapore Garden”

Artist Statement
“After Graduating as an art teacher I specialised in teaching children with special educational needs. I am presently working as a self-employed artist printmaker offering creative printmaking workshops from my home studio and in my local community.

I make imaginative, figurative collagaph and drypoint hand made prints. My images are based on personal memories, dreams or stories heard as a child. Less concerned with perspective, scale or realism I try to find forms to hold the feeling behind the stories being explored.

The collagraphs are taken from cardboard plates on which I score lines with a craft knife and add a variety of textures from everyday materials such as wallpaper, fabric and adhesive.

The drypoint prints are taken from Perspex or Crystaline Polypro plates, which have been scratched with a drypoint tool. Editions of prints are limited to 20. Each print is unique, varying in colour, texture and tonality as I often over work the prints in mixed media colour.”

“Bridle Lane”

“My green daughter”


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Arabella lives in Suffolk. She not only paints and prints, but also does unique hand-painted books.



Artist Statement
I am lucky to have enjoyed both formal academic and artistic training. After graduating in theology from Oxford University, I studied at Edinburgh College of Art and then spent a long and productive period at Edinburgh Printmakers’ Workshop, where I learned the craft of etching, working alongside established artists. In 1998 I moved to France and stayed there for nearly a decade before returning to Britain to live in Suffolk.

Pigment and oil, metal, acid and paper – these are my raw ingredients and my delight. In the solitude of the studio I am a chef, a baker, or surgeon, cooking up a work, operating, bringing it to life – food, I hope, for my soul and others; I draw inspiration from the cycles and rhythms of nature as well as my theological studies, music and literature.

I keep a lot of notebooks, jotting down random ideas which are later transformed into series of work. I work in concentrated spurts, mainly with etching and aquatint, although I like to experiment with drypoint and woodcut. I’ve also made a number of artists’ books incorporating text and recently have been drawn back to drawing and painting.


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The Bidwells Norwich and Norfolk Food Festival 2008 (8th – 14th October) will be even bigger and better than ever and takes place 8 – 14 October 2008. Celebrating local produce, local talent and healthy eating, there will be seven days of glorious food tasting, meals out, demonstrations, recipe swapping, learning, exploring and indulging. The Food Festival is now established as a regular and high-profile Norwich and Norfolk event.

A major theme of the Festival is the excellence of locally produced food, defined as that substantially produced or processed in Norfolk. As such, the Festival supports food producers and processors on a county-wide basis. The Festival is also about showcasing the best of local restaurants and local culinary talent.

Norfolk is a fabulous destination for foodies, eating out is always a pleasure.

This is farming land and you’ll soon notice the benefits when you’re sampling Norfolk’s food and drink. From vitamin-packed organic vegetables and fish  to tasty Norfolk turkeys and succulent beef, to sweet dripping honey or strong homebrewed beers from Norfolk’s very own microbreweries, you can really taste the difference.

… an excellent bitter!

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The Norwich Print Fair is now in its 13th year.It shows a fantastic variety of artwork, techniques and motives.

“Since it’s inception in 1995 The Norwich Print Fair has become one of the best loved independent shows selling contemporary, original, hand-made prints in East Anglia. It is an exhibition of Artists’ Original Prints
at St Margarets Church, St Benedict’s Street, Norwich.

Jules Allen, And Tears do fall

Louise Bird, Bombus Pratorum XIV

Ernst Nicol, Memento Moray

Rita Kearton, Sunflowers

Mon 8th Sept. to Sat 20th Sept. 2008

Open Mon to Sat – 10.00am to 5.00pm
Admission Free

Open Portfolio Days – Sat 13th & Sat 20th

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