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Mary who lives with her family in Norwich is a wonderful dynamic and creative woman. Her unusual career shows her many talents and how versatile she is.


Originally she trained as a pianist in her native Canada, and these days she continously performs in concerts, mainly in Norfolk. .

When she moved to Norwich in the 90s, her career took a complete new direction, as she qualified and worked as a hypnotherapist.


Her latest training made her a qualified art therapist. During her studies  a prolific flow of artwork, mainly abstract expressive paintings, began to develop. Her paintings are vibrant and very powerful, open to the viewer’s interpretation.







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Arabella lives in Suffolk. She not only paints and prints, but also does unique hand-painted books.



Artist Statement
I am lucky to have enjoyed both formal academic and artistic training. After graduating in theology from Oxford University, I studied at Edinburgh College of Art and then spent a long and productive period at Edinburgh Printmakers’ Workshop, where I learned the craft of etching, working alongside established artists. In 1998 I moved to France and stayed there for nearly a decade before returning to Britain to live in Suffolk.

Pigment and oil, metal, acid and paper – these are my raw ingredients and my delight. In the solitude of the studio I am a chef, a baker, or surgeon, cooking up a work, operating, bringing it to life – food, I hope, for my soul and others; I draw inspiration from the cycles and rhythms of nature as well as my theological studies, music and literature.

I keep a lot of notebooks, jotting down random ideas which are later transformed into series of work. I work in concentrated spurts, mainly with etching and aquatint, although I like to experiment with drypoint and woodcut. I’ve also made a number of artists’ books incorporating text and recently have been drawn back to drawing and painting.


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